Air quality sensors designed for

We build the tools you need to deploy and manage air quality sensor networks wherever you are.

Meet the first all-in-one Air Quality platform

Everything you need to setup, operate, and gain insight from a distributed network of accurate, reliable air quality sensors.


Professional-grade, reliable air quality sensors.


Automate your analysis and reporting with our tools.


Bring your research and regulatory-grade devices onto our platform.


Move beyond measurements. Gain access to the best research available.

We have lots of experience
building air quality sensors.

We've iterated our design over the last five years to offer you the best design possible. A selection of the best features include



All of our devices are internet connected via LTE, 3G, or WiFi to provide continuous, streaming data.


Complete suite of measurements

We measure all EPA criteria pollutants and more, including CO, NO, NO2, O3, PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.


Best-in-class ML

Machine Learning has become increasingly important when using low-cost sensors. We leverage state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure you get the best results in a transparent way.

QuantAQ Cloud

Stop worrying about network management.
Let us help.

Managing and operating large networks of sensors can be frustrating. Our integrated data platform makes it easy. Stop spending time keeping everything up and running - use that time to analyze your data and take action instead!

Report generation

Automated QA/QC

Data management

Automated ML

Deployed across the world.

QuantAQ air quality sensors are used to collect actionable air quality data on all seven continents.


Transparent and accessible science is important.

We bring you the best research available to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Check out some of our peer-reviewed work.

Calibration and assessment of electrochemical air quality sensors by co-location with regulatory-grade instruments.

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Low-cost sensors for the measurement of atmospheric composition: overview of topic and future applications

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Use of electrochemical sensors for measurement of air pollution: correcting interference response and validating measurements

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We strive to work with the best.

QuantAQ enjoys support from the top organizations in the world.

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