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Reduce risk and ensure compliance for your clients by investing in an all-in-one air quality monitoring platform.

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Minimize the risk of accidents and incidents by detecting and addressing air quality issues in real-time using our novel dual-detection technology.


Meet demand for dust and air pollution monitoring that goes beyond the minimum regulatory requirements and establish yourself as a leading site remediator.


Reduce risk and improve decision making by using real-time data to know when and where fugitive dust emissions are occuring around construction sites.

Easy to Setup and Use

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QuantAQ provides easy-to-use, self-sufficient IoT air quality sensors with the quickest time-to-data around.

Quick and easy installation

Go from setup to streaming data in less than five minutes

Solar Ready

At less than 1W, it's easy to take your sensors off-grid with our Solar Power System

Fleet management

Monitor and manage your entire fleet from your desktop or phone with ease

Easy integration with existing software tools

QuantAQ has built-in integrations with, Agilaire, and other tools you love

Measure what Matters to Manage what Matters

QuantAQ's patent-pending, dual-detection sensor provides measurements of size-resolved aerosol up to 40 µm.

Built on technology dreamed up at MIT

QuantAQ combines nephelometry with single particle scattering to limit uncertainty

Measure PM2.5, PM10, and TSP simultaneously

Unlike many FEM measurements, QuantAQ can measure both size fractions simultaneously for increased value

Measure what matters

Many PM sensors are blind to particles larger than 1 µm - QuantAQ measures particles as large as 40 µm

No in-line drier, no problem

QuantAQ uses physics-based corrections to correct for water uptake and changes in aerosol composition

We are trusted by industry leaders

We take great pride in working with some of the most innovative companies across the world to help them meet their air quality monitoring needs.