An overview of QuantAQ's security program

Security Program Highlights

Ensuring trust every step of the way

At QuantAQ, we take security seriously. That's why we've built in secure practices and systems to the core of our platform.

Our Trust Center connects you to our privacy, security, and compliance programs, so you have all of the information you need to make key security and IT decisions.

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On the shoulders of giants

QuantAQ uses DigitalOcean to host our platform, an industry leading SOC2 and SOC3 compliant cloud vendor.

Secure by default

QuantAQ's products have security best practices built in, so you don't have to go out of your way to be secure.

Constantly vigilant

Through tools like Intruder and Dependabot, QuantAQ proactively applies security patches and stays one step ahead of vulnerabilities.

SOC 2 Type II

QuantAQ is SOC 2 Type II compliant. Please view our Trust Center for a copy of our SOC 2 Type II attestation report.

Have a potential security vulnerability to report?

If you believe you have discovered a potential security vulnerability, please reach out to the email below with details. Please provide us with a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue before disclosing it to the public or a third party. Make a good faith effort to avoid violating privacy, destroying data, or interrupting or degrading any part of the QuantAQ service. While researching, please refrain from Denial-of-Service, Spamming, Social Engineering or any physical attacks. Thank you for helping keep QuantAQ secure.

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